Your care quality with Obbie

The Perfect Solution;

Innovative, Seamless and Safe

Visually attractive

The games are colorful and stimulate movement. Some games have different levels of difficulty.

Play together

Play alone or together up to 4 people. In some games you can also challenge each other.

Confirmation sound

All games have sound and the volume can be easily raised, lowered or turned off completely using the remote control.

User friendly

Control the device easily with the remote control. Set timers on the games or on the whole device.

What is Obie?

Obie is a digital tool where a projector with cameras detects the users’ movements.

Obie’s games are cognitively stimulating, socially engaging and physically invigorating – the perfect solution to the loneliness and isolation seniors face in today’s world.

Life Care in Australia talks abbout the Obie system

Examples of games


Bingo is a funny familiar game. But now let’s play it with new experiences to challenge your agility and luck.

Click on the image below to see video gameplay.

Obie for Seniors Impact in Numbers

Based on our report findings, Seniors using Obie show significant improvement in the following categories:

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Social behavior

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